November 8, 2022


Bino is a video player with a focus on 3D and Virtual Reality:


bino [options] URL


Bino can read commands from a script file and execute them via the option --read-commands scriptfile. This works both in GUI mode and in Virtual Reality mode.

The script file can also be a named pipe so that you can have arbitraty remote control interfaces write commands into it as they come in.

Empty lines and comment lines (which begin with #) are ignored. The following commands are supported:

Virtual Reality

Bino supports all sorts of Virtual Reality environments via QVR:

To start Bino in VR mode, use the option --vr. Bino will then display a screen in the virtual world, and the video will be displayed on that screen, unless the input is a 360° video, which will of course be displayed all around the viewer.

The default is a 16:9 screen in a few meters distance from the viewer, but you can use the --vr-screen option to either define arbitrary planar screens via their bottom left, bottom right and top left corners, or to load arbitrary screen geometry from an OBJ file. The latter case is useful e.g. if you want Bino’s virtual screen to coincide with a curved physical screen.

Bino uses QVRs default navigation, which may be based on autodetected controllers such as the HTC Vive controllers, or on tracking and interaction hardware configured via QVR for your VR system, or on the mouse and WASDQE keys if nothing else is available.

Additional interaction in VR mode is currently limited to the same keyboard shortcuts that also work in GUI mode.