To build a Bino release, you need several development packages. On Debian and Ubuntu:
$ sudo apt-get install pkg-config texinfo libavformat-dev libavdevice-dev libswscale-dev libass-dev libglewmx-dev libopenal-dev libqt5opengl5-dev qt5-default liblircclient-dev

bino-1.6.8.tar.xz (signature)
bino-1.6.7.tar.xz (signature)
bino-1.6.6.tar.xz (signature)
bino-1.6.5.tar.xz (signature)
bino-1.6.4.tar.xz (signature)
bino-1.6.3.tar.xz (signature)
bino-1.6.2.tar.xz (signature)
bino-1.6.1.tar.xz (signature)
bino-1.6.0.tar.xz (signature)

Source Code Repository

The source code is hosted on, see the web frontend.
$ git clone
$ cd bino
$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure; make; make install

If you want to work with the repository, you need additional developer packages. On Debian and Ubuntu:
$ sudo apt-get install git autoconf automake libtool gettext texinfo

A mirror of the main git repository is available at


Windows 64 bit: bino-1.6.8-w64.exe (signature).
Windows 32 bit: bino-1.6.7-w32.exe (signature).
Mac OS X: See the Bino Mac OS X binaries page by Frédéric Devernay.