Linux: Bino is available on Flathub.

Mac OS X: binaries for 2.x are not yet available.
For old versions, see the Bino Mac OS X binaries page by Frédéric Devernay.

Windows: binaries for 2.x are not yet available.
64 bit: bino-1.6.8-w64.exe (signature).
32 bit: bino-1.6.7-w32.exe (signature).

Source Code


bino-2.1.tar.gz (signature) 2023-02-01
bino-2.0.tar.gz (signature) 2022-11-08
bino-1.6.8.tar.xz (signature) 2021-11-04


The source code is hosted on See the web frontend for Bino.
A mirror of the main git repository is available at

You need the following Qt6 modules to build Bino: OpenGLWidgets, Multimedia, LinguistTools. On Debian/Ubuntu, you can get these by installing qt6-base-dev qt6-multimedia-dev qt6-tools-dev.
To build the manual and man page, you additionally need pandoc (optional; package pandoc).
For Virtual Reality support, you additionally need QVR (optional; no package available yet).

Build Bino as follows:
$ git clone
$ cd bino
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
Optional: adjust build options e.g. with ccmake
$ make
$ make install